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How We Operate

Doing Insurance Different

Money in Your Pocket

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Here at McKay Insurance, we operate a little differently than the industry. The name of our game is saving you money. The name of the industry's game is typically "let's grow our bottom line."​


Rate increases are inevitable - it's how the market works in insurance. Carriers need to stay profitable. That's fine. Customers also deserve to find the coverage they need at a reasonable price. And that's our focus.

If your renewal policy comes in higher than last year for no apparent reason, be assured it is being quoted personally (no comparative raters here, we prefer accuracy over automation) across all of our outstanding carriers to see if someone else wants to give you a better deal.  

We'll save you money. You tell your friends, family, baristas, bartenders, anyone who you think deserves to keep more money in their pockets.

Quality > Quantity

Insurance Agent

Like most things in life we believe that when it comes to insurance, there is little to no doubt that quality outweighs quantity.

Developing and fostering personal relationships with not only our customers, but also our carriers, is an integral part of how we do things. From the Customer-Service Reps we work with day-in and day-out, to the Marketing Reps assigned to us for years, to the Claims Adjusters we deal with frequently, the relationships we have built allow us to provide nothing short of premier insurance services.

The insurance products we offer are provided by the most top-notch, competitively-priced companies available in Massachusetts. Only the best-of-the-best are offered through McKay Insurance - we don't work with just anyone who approaches us about doing business together. When you have the best products in the market to offer, with the premier companies, you don't need to work with the rest. 

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